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long mama (noun)

a small, light green, spherical cactus bearing pale lemon-yellow flowers; a spiny wild shrub that can survive cold & prefers shade to sun

Songwriter Kat Wodtke leads Andrew Koenig and Nick Lang (Ryan Necci & the Buffalo Gospel), along with Samual Odin (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades), on a haunting journey of wide-open spaces and tight spots, each song blistering with heart and grit.        

Half Love Single Artwork

New Single "Half Love" Out Now on All Streaming Services!

"How often have you made a deal with yourself to get it together? More than you can count, maybe? This song addresses the inner conflict, the desire to have everything together, and the reality of times we're just a mess. And Long Mama takes it easy along the way, like you're walking down the longest avenue in the city just waiting for your head to clear."  - Americana Highways

Photo: Lily Shea / Artwork: Jessica Seamans / Album Design & Layout: Alison Kleiman / Single Design & Layout: Eston Bennett