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Long Mama

Welcome to Midwest misfit country. Caution: loose hearts and falling minds. Enter at your own risk.

Debut album Poor Pretender out now.

"A winner all the way."
- Country Music People Magazine

Long Mama - Poor Pretender Album Artwork by Jessica Seamans (Design & Layout by Alison Kle

Watch our new lyric video!

Praise for Poor Pretender album

"Long Mama has used their patience wisely, aspiring for gently crafted perfection.

This is quite an introduction."

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Equal parts theatrical, hook-laden, lyrical, and spacious."

- Milwaukee Record

"A prime synthesis of what happens when talented musicians coalesce around a common goal: playing the hell out of Kat Wodtke's songs."

- Hear Here Presents

"Wodtke’s storytelling is top-notch. If you need some moody folk songs in your life,

this is the new album for you."

- Outsider

"Poor Pretender [...] invites listeners to be whisked away to a fictional but uncanny Western world that reflects Wodtke’s observations on humanity."

- Shepherd Express

"A hushed record rife with departures and narratives that beg remembrance of

broken relationships before the memories slip away."

- Sound and Soul

Photo: Lily Shea / Album Artwork: Jessica Seamans / Album Design & Layout: Alison Kleiman
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