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Poor Pretender LP

Long Mama - Poor Pretender Album Artwork by Jessica Seamans (Design & Layout by Alison Kle

Featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Best Milwaukee Albums of 2022

Featured in Milwaukee Record - Favorite Milwaukee Music of 2022

"Perfectly done kind of country / indie folk."  - Milwaukee's NPR

"A debut unlike any other: a catalog of modern, oral tradition music."  - Hear Here Presents

"Long Mama has used their patience wisely, aspiring for gently crafted perfection. This is quite an introduction." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Equal parts theatrical, hook-laden, lyrical, and spacious."  - Milwaukee Record

"Where folk and indie-rock meet at a poetic intersection with some soulfulness and grit."  - Take Effect

"Wodtke’s storytelling is top-notch. If you need some moody folk songs in your life, this is the new album for you."  - Outsider

"At its heart, Poor Pretender is mood music that reflects the breadth and soul of the sounds and genres that fall under the moniker Americana."  - Americana Highways

"Poor Pretender [...] invites listeners to be whisked away to a fictional but uncanny Western world that reflects Wodtke’s observations on humanity."  - Shepherd Express

"A hushed record rife with departures and narratives that beg remembrance of broken relationships before the memories slip away."  - Sound and Soul

"Poor Pretender draws influence from classic country, folk, Americana, R&B, and even punk. It's terrific."  - Vivascene

"Corduroy Road" Single


Featured in Milwaukee Magazine - Best of Milwaukee 2023 (Best Single)

Featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 12 Top Music Releases for July

"Serene musicianship, emotive lyrics, and honeyed vocals."  - Milwaukee Magazine

"Gentle and soothing."  - Milwaukee Record

"Think dirt roads, no Wi-Fi, a warm fire and skies full of stars - that's where you can find Long Mama."  - Breaking & Entering

"It takes serious skill to make a song this warm."  - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Poor Pretender" Lyric Video

Featured in Milwaukee Record - Favorite Milwaukee Music Videos of 2022

"A cleverly executed representation of good intentions gone bad, and of the emotional masks we wear just to get through the day."  - Milwaukee Record

"The Narrows" Music Video

"Kati Katchever's grainy Super 8 footage of snow-swept landscapes combines with swirling camera work and erratic editing to give us what

could've been the Mad Trapper's perspective as he was tracked through the Northwest Territories and Yukon."  - Milwaukee Record

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